Welcome to Visualization Park

The project (2009-2015) Visualization Park developed into cluster focusing the commercial application of digital visualization technology. University programmes hundreds of students 65 companies have been established by the incubator which significantly contributes to the local and regional entrepreneurship, and rejuvenation of the industry.

The project was recognised I Sweden as well as by the European Union. The projektet received the European Enterprise Promotion Award 2012, motivated by:

Investing in Skills - Recognises regional or local initiatives to improve entrepreneurial, vocational, technical and managerial skills.

Fostering knowledge transfer and digital visualisation.

Visualisation Park in Sweden focuses on the commercial application of digital visualisation technology. Using a business park model, the location in Eksjö offers a home to a cluster of businesses with expertise in this emerging field. They are gathered around Campus i12, which offers a range of vocational courses. Partner companies support the educational programmes and the Park provides a meeting place for educational environment and industry to identify and develop projects. Since it was founded in July 2009 the number of partner companies has more than doubled, to over 100. Most importantly, students’ attitudes shifted. More of them are now inclined to be entrepreneurs themselves, either by launching their own start-up or freelancing.